Asbestos Awareness in Leeds

Asbestos Awareness in LeedsPromoting asbestos awareness in Leeds is an area we are active in at Asbestos Associated.

As with many dangerous substances, the more you know, the safer you are. We want everyone to have the opportunity to know how to recognise asbestos in your living and working environment and to understand procedures for dealing with it. Often the right procedure is to leave it alone if the asbestos is intact, posing no threat. However, other times the best call is to remove all asbestos from the premises. At Asbestos Associated that is what we do. It is a dangerous job unless the work is carried out by highly trained and experienced professionals with the finest up- to- date safety and removal equipment.

Asbestos removal by careless fly-by-night companies is highly dangerous, not only to their employees but to every person who lives or works on the premises. For those people in Leeds, asbestos awareness neglect endangers even the passer-by. Once those asbestos fibres escape into the air, there is no getting them back. When our sophisticated testing equipment exposes an asbestos threat requiring removal, our team moves in to isolate the area from the public. Often, we can do this without interrupting your daily business activities. The asbestos is removed and contained, ready for disposal according to environmental statutes. The safety of the public is our first priority.

Asbestos awareness in Leeds is the first step to environmental safety. Contact Asbestos Associated today for more information about our asbestos awareness programmes. We are HSE licensed to provide asbestos removal. Our asbestos awareness commitment includes management survey with recommendations and sample analysis. Our pre-demolition survey is more intrusive but necessary before a tear down or extensive remodel. Asbestos safety starts with a call to us at Asbestos Associated. Call us today and we will schedule a survey of the premises. We have offices throughout the North West enabling us to serve you about anywhere in the country. Our survey report will inform you of the condition and our recommendations to best handle any asbestos found. We are a forward thinking company committed to safety by investing in new technologies and taking part in ongoing safety training.