Asbestos Removal in Preston

Asbestos Removal in PrestonAsbestos removal in Preston must only be undertaken by professionals.  The fibres in asbestos are very fine and can float in the air unseen.  These are then breathed into the lungs where they cause irreparable damage. Our team of specialists has disposable suits and gloves as well as respiratory apparatus.  They have special training to allow them to work safely with asbestos.  Do not try to remove any asbestos waste yourself it could do you and many others harm.  There is no cure for asbestos damage to the lungs as the fibres as too small to be removed and will stay in the body forever.

When you need hazardous material moved off site in Preston, asbestos removal is undertaken by the experts. We make sure that the fibres are contained before we start to remove the waste product.  Asbestos is most dangerous when breathed in so we trap as many fibres as possible to stop them getting into the air.  Once the waste is packaged we have to clean the area.  It would be pointless to remove the waste but leave asbestos dust around to be stirred up and contaminate the area again. We are one of only a few companies who specialise in handling and disposal of asbestos. We make sure that all our work is carried out within the strict guideline set for asbestos handling.

Asbestos removal in Preston is a job for our highly qualified staff.  Contact Asbestos Associated today and arrange for one of our experienced teams to remove your asbestos waste. We have all the necessary safety equipment which must be used to handle asbestos. Not only is the safety equipment important but so is the packaging of the asbestos for removal.  It needs to be packed in a double layer of undamaged plastic bags which are each sealed independently.  This normally consists of a red inner bag and a black outer bag. Once properly secured, we can load the waste into a truck to take it to a registered and approved asbestos waste disposal yard.