Asbestos Garage Removal in Warrington

Asbestos Garage Removal in WarringtonAn asbestos garage removal in Warrington is a job for an experienced disposal company. Asbestos has been used by people for thousands of years. It was used at least 4500 years ago to strengthen pottery and cooking utensils. Through the centuries it was admired for being fire proof. Records remain of it having been made into cloth for royalty. We now know that the fibres are extremely hazardous. In 2011 it was reported that over 50 % of houses in the UK still contain asbestos. Considering the danger of inhaling asbestos fibre this is a frightening figure. Many older homes had asbestos garages erected for their vehicles. Some were used as small workshops as well.

When you need hazardous goods cleared in Warrington, asbestos garage removal has to be done by experts. As the boards age they can get damaged or they can become friable. This releases the asbestos fibres. We demolish the garages in pieces as we try to remove it without breaking the walls. Each section is removed intact and the entire garage is taken to an asbestos waste management site for safe disposal. If you have an asbestos building on your property it is necessary to call in the experts. Our disposal team have all the equipment necessary to safely work with the asbestos. We have disposable coveralls, breathing equipment and various other safety gear which is imperative when handling asbestos.

An asbestos garage removal in Warrington will normally be done in sections. Contact Asbestos Associated today and we will visit your premises to determine the course of action to be taken to render your property free from asbestos. Our team of experts will investigate the air quality and if asbestos is found we will find the source. This then needs to be evaluated as removal can sometimes cause even more problems. In a case where removal will cause a lot of fibres to enter the atmosphere we will encapsulate the asbestos in a manner that makes it impossible for the fibres to escape.