Asbestos Awareness in Lancaster

 Asbestos Awareness in LancasterAsbestos usage has been banned in most countries such as the UK but asbestos awareness in Lancaster is nonetheless important as there are still buildings with asbestos in them. Unless the asbestos material is broken or damaged, it is actually safer to leave it as it is than to try and remove it. Most old buildings have asbestos, and when this is upset, microscopic fibres become airborne and can be inhaled. This is where the danger comes in as this can lead to a host of serious diseases. At Asbestos Associated, as an asbestos removal company, we make sure we are contributing to healthy surroundings for all our clients, both commercial and domestic. We know that asbestos removal is a serious business, but we do everything safely and effectively, guaranteeing a complete service that takes care of every element of asbestos – right to its safe removal and disposal.

We have a number of branches in the North West so that we can respond timeously. In Lancaster, asbestos awareness to us means being able to offer a complete HSE licensed asbestos removal service which includes surveys. We do everything according to industry regulations and standards to ensure 100% safety on every asbestos project we work on. All work is carried out in accordance to industry and Health and Safety standards. We don’t do anything slap dash when it comes to asbestos removal and are 100% committed to doing everything correctly first time around while also having concern for the environment.

Asbestos awareness in Lancaster is just as important as anywhere else in the UK. Every year there is National Asbestos Awareness Day to draw attention to the fact that there are still cases of asbestos-related diseases being diagnosed and that asbestos is still a huge threat and danger today. For more information about asbestos and the danger thereof, contact Asbestos Associated. If you are thinking about renovating your old buildings, it is highly recommended getting a licensed asbestos removal professional like us, as we are well equipped to protect you and your family from all the dangers associated with asbestos.