Choose a Professional Team for an Asbestos Survey in Birchwood

An asbestos survey in Birchwood is essential to minimising your employees’ health risk. Asbestos is a ‘silent killer’, causing the deaths of a large number of people in a year. Many people have been exposed to asbestos fibres ithout knowing it. The fibres are very small, and cannot be seen kith the naked eye. The use of asbestos in construction as extensive as it provided a number of excellent qualities to the building materials. It offered strength, resistance to heat and chemicals and it as widely available. However, when asbestos is disturbed or gets old, it becomes friable and releases its microscopic fibres into the air. Unsuspecting people can breathe these in and as a result, can develop incurable disease.

The HSE has provided guidelines that must be followed for safety. Thus, in Birchwood, an asbestos survey that our team provides is completely safe and thorough. An asbestos survey can show where the asbestos is located and what its condition is. This provides the information necessary to put a management plan in place. The management plan is also a legal requirement. We have many years of experience in providing quality asbestos-related services. These include asbestos surveys, removal, testing and disposal. We are happy to provide 1 of 2 asbestos surveys depending on what your building is used for and whether you have any plans on demolishing it in the future.

An asbestos survey in Birchwood can help save lives. For more details about how our expert surveyors can assist, contact Asbestos Associated right away. We’re happy to discuss your building and your requirements. Furthermore, our prices are highly competitive and our asbestos surveys are completed to the highest standard. With an asbestos survey completed on your building, you’ll have access to the right information to help formulate a management plan. An asbestos survey is the first step towards protecting yourself and the people who use your building. You are most welcome to call us today to arrange a site visit from our expert surveyors. An asbestos survey by our experts conforms to the requirements as set out by the HSE.