An Asbestos Survey in Culcheth Can Help Save Lives

Asbestos Survey in Culcheth An asbestos survey in Culcheth is a mandatory step before any renovation work on your building starts. This is mandatory, especially for older buildings. Asbestos was extensively used in the building trade. It was added to building materials to make them strong, durable and resistant to heat and chemicals. However, it was discovered that exposure to airborne asbestos fibres causes deadly diseases. These diseases only show symptoms much later in life. The use of asbestos in building materials is now banned. Unfortunately, because of its extensive use, it is still present in many buildings. If a building was erected before 2000, it is likely to have asbestos-containing materials and an asbestos survey is necessary.

Asbestos can be found in many parts of a building, such as the insulation, ceiling boards, tiling and more. Thus, in Culcheth, an asbestos survey can identify the location, type and extent of any asbestos within a building. Once this is made aware, the owner of the building can put a management plan in place. This can help save lives. However, it is best to use the services of a professional company with experience in providing comprehensive surveys. We can assist. Furthermore, we offer two types of asbestos surveys. This includes the refurb/demo survey as well as the management survey. The first is essential if any renovations or demolition is planned for your building. The latter is for normal occupation of your commercial building.

An asbestos survey will indicate the extent and condition of any asbestos-containing materials in your building. When asbestos ages or is disturbed, it releases its microscopic fibres into the air. As these cannot be seen by the naked eye, people in the building can unsuspectingly inhale these fibres. The results are disastrous. As such, an asbestos survey is a very necessary first step for any old building. For more details on how we can assist you with a professional asbestos survey, contact Asbestos Associated right away. We’re happy to schedule a time that is convenient to you for the asbestos survey of your building. Forewarned is forearmed, and with an asbestos survey, you’ll have the means to ensure the right plan is in place.