Rely on Professional and Safe Asbestos Removal in Winsford

Asbestos Removal in WinsfordOur reliable asbestos removal in Winsford protects occupants, visitors and employees of your building. Hence, our well-established firm has been successfully working in this sector for several years. We are based in the North of England and we cover Merseyside, Cheshire, Chester and North Wales. Our aim is to make your environment a safer and more healthy place to work, play and live in. We stay in compliance with all the current national and international guidelines that govern asbestos removal processes. Asbestos was once known as a miracle material. It has been in use for thousands of years in the construction field. However, its hazards have only been known since the 1970s. Any building that was constructed before this time would almost certainly have asbestos in some form.

For your building in Winsford, asbestos removal must be done only by trained, experienced and certified professionals.  This is certainly not the job for a DIY enthusiast, or someone who doesn’t have the right credentials. In spite of the stringent regulations, experts opine that nearly 5000 asbestos-related deaths occur every year in the UK. This substance was fully banned in this country only in 1999. Certain varieties of asbestos were still in circulation to this date. They continue to be used in many other countries. It is illegal to sell, buy, import or export asbestos and asbestos-containing materials in the UK. The regulations apply to all employers, building owners and those who manage domestic and non-domestic premises. There is a duty to survey, document and manage all asbestos if found on the premises.

Asbestos removal in Winford becomes necessary when you want to conduct repairs, renovate or refurbish in buildings. If there is asbestos in the building in some form, owners have a duty to maintain a register and conduct periodic assessments. When left undisturbed asbestos poses no threat, but with ageing or other damage, the fine fibres work loose and enter the atmosphere. When these fibres are breathed in, they cause a variety of serious health conditions. Know more about our asbestos removal at Asbestos Associated. Contact us today for more details or assistance. Our team would be glad to help you with the right inputs.