Asbestos Testing in Runcorn

asbestos testing done in RuncornYou may need to have asbestos testing done in Runcorn if you want to revamp the historical building you bought and have found materials that you cannot determine whether they contain the silicate called asbestos. You will need to find a surveyor capable of an assessment or who will be able to do the necessary testing to determine if the materials are asbestos in origin.

In Runcorn, asbestos testing can most certainly be done by Asbestos Associated. It is only through testing at a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) laboratory that asbestos can be determined. Not only is Asbestos Associated a registered company experienced to handle this dreaded material that could cause lung cancer and asbestosis if you are exposed to it, but they are equipped to deal with the safe removal and disposal of it. A professional will visit your building and from years of experience will immediately be able to determine the condition of the materials under scrutiny. It can only be determined through laboratory testing what percentage of asbestos is present within the materials and what kind of asbestos it is. A daunting task if you think that there are more than 6 different kinds of asbestos. Collection of the samples is far more involved than just taking a piece and putting it in a bag. Safety equipment is a priority if you do not want to inhale the dust. It is definitely not advised to do this by yourself. Use the services of trained and experienced professionals to take on the dangerous task.

After the asbestos testing in Runcorn, Asbestos Associated will also be able to inform you of the best way forward in removing the asbestos safely or the management of the areas that need it. Asbestos Associated also offer training on asbestos awareness that highlights the dangers of asbestos and the need for it to be correctly and safely removed. If you require professional asbestos testing done in your building, contact Asbestos Associated.