Asbestos in Stoke

asbestos in StokeThe company that offers the most comprehensive management of asbestos in Stoke is Asbestos Associated. They service domestic, commercial and industrial sites. As a company they are dedicated to asbestos awareness and education. All building owners and managers should be able to recognise the presence of asbestos and manage it effectively. Asbestos Associated offers a survey of the premises to determine if and where asbestos exists in your building. The written report will indicate where it is, if it needs to be removed or if it is safe to leave undisturbed. If asbestos is not contained it presents a health risk. If their recommendation is removal, containment or repair of the fibrous material, Asbestos Associated will present the best strategy.

In Stoke, asbestos is more likely to be found in buildings built or reconditioned between 1950 and 1980. That is a lot of buildings because anything built before 1950 surely needed remodelling during that time frame. It is safe to say that some companies used their stock of asbestos past the 1980 date rather than lose money. At that time, asbestos, which is a highly effective fire resistant insulator, was commonly used throughout buildings. Asbestos was used in roofs, siding, blown-in insulation, thermal insulation for pipe work, ceiling tiles and much more. Actually asbestos is safe as long as there is no breakdown causing fibres to separate and become airborne. Once particles are inhaled into your lungs, your health is at risk. When deciding the necessity of an asbestos survey consider the age of the building and how often it has likely been renovated. Consider too, the health of those living and working in your building.

Managing asbestos in Stoke includes options. Encapsulation is one option to contain it. Complete containment and removal is another. Building demolition calls for an intrusive survey for the presence of asbestos. When found, it must be contained and removed before the building is demolished. That is the only way to prevent the release of millions of asbestos fibres into the environment, including the building grounds. The full range of tools and technology used in asbestos abatement today is available to you through Asbestos Associated. The company is fully accredited and licensed to meet government environmental standards and health guidelines. For more information about asbestos, contact Asbestos Associated.