Asbestos in Chester

Asbestos in ChesterThe handling of asbestos in Chester requires professionals due to its toxic properties. When asbestos is in good condition, it does not usually present a hazard. It is when it is damaged or disturbed that it poses a great risk to the health and safety of people. Damaged asbestos can cause fibres to become airborne.  It is possible that anyone in the area can inhale the toxic fibres. The fibres can become embedded in the chest. This can lead to serious asbestos-related diseases, such as asbestosis or mesothelioma. Asbestos and asbestos containing materials are commonly found in older buildings. Many buildings constructed before the 1980s have asbestos containing materials.

Asbestos in buildings needs to be managed. In Chester, asbestos can be professionally dealt with by Asbestos Associated. We can provide a complete service that takes care of every element of asbestos, from initial particle testing to safe removal and disposal. A comprehensive asbestos survey can be completed to determine the amount of asbestos and the location within your building. If you are planning any renovations, as the owner of the building you have a ‘duty to manage’ any asbestos in the building. This means that you need to provide your staff, including the contractors for the renovations, with information on where any asbestos is in the building and what condition it is in. Once the survey has been completed, and asbestos containing materials identified, a management plan needs to be put in place. This can include the removal of the asbestos.

We can assist with concerns relating to asbestos in Chester. Contact Asbestos Associated today for more information about asbestos and the most appropriate way to manage it. Our highly trained team will ensure that the asbestos is dealt with in a safe and correct manner, following stringent HSE guidelines. Ensure that your building is safe from the harmful effects of asbestos, and use the services of a professional team.