Asbestos Management in Burnley

Asbestos Management in BurnleyAsbestos management in Burnley will ensure your building is safe and not a health threat to any of the occupants. Ever wondered why asbestos can be a problem? Asbestos was regarded as a wonder building material because of its excellent insulation and fire resistant properties. Used as a fireproofing material, it was applied in steel beams and columns during construction of multi-story buildings. Asbestos was also added to concrete, asphalt, roof shingles, pipes, siding, wall board, floor tiles, joint compounds and adhesives. Its heat-resistant qualities made asbestos the perfect thermal insulator. The material was also used in acoustical plaster and as a component of a mixture sprayed on ceilings and walls. In short, it was the miracle material of the building industry.

For your building in Burnley, asbestos management is necessary, especially if you have an older building. If you are responsible for maintenance of non-domestic premises, you have a ‘duty to manage’ the asbestos in them. Asbestos becomes a hazard when it is damaged or in a state of disrepair. It will pose a health risk to the occupants of the building, as well as repairmen and maintenance workers because the asbestos releases fibres into the air if it is disturbed. This becomes a greater risk if the building is demolished, renovated, or refurbished. When asbestos-containing materials are disturbed or damaged, fibres are released into the air. When these fibres are inhaled they can cause serious diseases such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

The importance of asbestos management in Burnley cannot be undermined, especially in older buildings constructed before the 1980s. If you need assistance with asbestos management, contact Asbestos Associated. Our team will first carry out a comprehensive and fundamental asbestos survey. This will determine the location and amount of asbestos-containing materials in the building. Should any testing be required, we ensure that is done within safety and quality control requirements. With our high level of expertise, attention to detail and professionalism, you can be guaranteed a complete service that takes care of all aspects of asbestos management.