Asbestos Garage Removal in St Helens

Asbestos Garage Removal in St HelensIs it time for an asbestos garage removal in St Helens from your property? Before you hook the tractor to it and pull it down you need to call us at Asbestos Associated. We are certified and experienced in all areas of asbestos management from surveys to removal and disposal. So many garages were built with asbestos cement board and asbestos roofing shingles that a garage older than twenty five years will more than likely contain the dangerous material. Asbestos strengthens and fireproofs building materials which is why it was so popular. Before you make a final decision about your garage call us, and we will conduct a survey to find out if asbestos is present or not. If we find no asbestos, then go ahead and demolish it. Do whatever you choose with the vacant land because it’s safe.

On the other hand, if we find asbestos in your garage it could be a health hazard. Even if the asbestos fibres are safely contained in your garage in St Helens, asbestos garage removal will result in damage that will free the fibres. Once in the air they can be inhaled, causing life threatening lung damage. You can still remove the garage but you will have to do it according to government health standards. Asbestos Associated is equipped with the training, environmental certification, safety equipment and experience to disassemble and dispose of your garage without contaminating the surrounding environment. One problem with just knocking the garage down and throwing the pieces into a sealed dumpster is ground contamination.

Safe asbestos garage removal in St Helens is possible and it won’t take us long to complete the job. In many instances seal coating is completed before removal of the largest sections possible. It is a fairly simple solution. It all depends on the garage and its location. Contact Asbestos Associated and we will give you a quote and a time frame for getting the job done to all health and safety standards. There is no cause for alarm or panic as long as you follow the safety rules. Undisturbed asbestos is not likely a hazard. But if you are planning a demolition leave it to the experts.