Asbestos Awareness in Burnley

Asbestos Awareness in BurnleyDo you have the necessary asbestos awareness in Burnley? Most people do not and this is why we are here to help you. Duty holders of all non-domestic properties within the UK must establish an asbestos register and management plan. We are an asbestos removal company and make a substantial difference to the environments that you work and live in. One of our main aims is to provide safe and healthy surroundings for both home and business. Removing asbestos is a serious business and should only be carried out by qualified personnel.  Our removal teams are equipped with the proper coveralls and respirators. The asbestos waste has to be sealed inside a plastic bag and then put into a second red bag and sealed. It can then be carefully removed to a hazardous waste site where it will be disposed of.

We understand the health and safety issues with regard to asbestos removal. In Burnley, asbestos awareness is often minimal as it has many different issues relating to detection and removal of this hazardous substance. We provide a complete HSE licensed asbestos removal service in addition to general advice, management survey, pre demolition or refurbishment survey and sample analysis.  It has been estimated that between 4000 and 5000 people die per year from asbestos related diseases in the UK alone and that figure is predicted to go on rising into the next decade.

We are attempting to instil asbestos awareness in Burnley businesses. Contact Asbestos Associated today and make an appointment for one of our experts to visit you. We understand the problems that asbestos can cause your business and we are committed to providing the appropriate service to minimise the disruption to you and your customers. We have many branches around the North West and can provide quick, quality assured solutions throughout the area and elsewhere in the United Kingdom.  If there is asbestos in your building you need to make sure your staff are trained to deal with it and know that they should seek advice when coming across suspect fibrous material.