Asbestos Disposal in Stoke

Asbestos Disposal in StokeWhen planning for safe asbestos disposal in Stoke, make sure you contact the experts. Whether it’s your home or workplace, particle testing, safe removal and disposal of asbestos can be a challenging task. At Asbestos Associated, with our expertise, experience and qualifications, we make your world a safer and healthier place. Asbestos is a naturally occurring or manufactured material that was extensively used in the building and construction industry over the early part of the twentieth century. It has certain properties that made it so popular – these include heat and fire resistance, insulation. It is also extremely pliable and malleable. Hence it was used to construct false ceilings, partitions, and provide insulation. It could be liquefied and used as a spray-paint on walls and floors, inside pipes, water-tanks and cisterns.

However, with awareness and advances in medicine, the hazards of asbestos became increasingly apparent. In Stoke, asbestos disposal with safety is required when you remove or disturb it. In good condition, it poses no problem, but when it’s damaged, it crumbles and separates into fine fibres that enter our respiratory systems. This results in a variety of allergies and serious illnesses like mesothelioma, lung cancers, and asbestosis. apart from breathing difficulties and asthma. Today, there is a ban on using it in construction. However, when repairing, refurbishing or demolishing older buildings, safe removal and disposal of asbestos is a legal requirement. Safeguard your family, building occupants and all those who will use the premises now and in future. Safe disposal of any asbestos-containing materials on your property is essential.

Protect yourself against legal action by ensuring safe asbestos disposal in Stoke, and contact Asbestos Associated. Commercial property owners and managers have a legal responsibility on managing and disposing of asbestos. The entire operation has to be planned and executed meticulously, with a complete buy-in from all stake-holders. Staff, workers and other occupants of the building have to be protected. Locking the rooms, cordoning off the area, and controlling access are essential. We have the required licenses to handle and dispose of asbestos according to current regulations.