Asbestos Survey in Huddersfield

Asbestos Survey in HuddersfieldAn asbestos survey in Huddersfield is a legal requirement for property owners. If your building was constructed before the mid 1980’s, it is likely to have asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos was regarded as the ‘wonder’ building material as it has remarkable properties. The fibres in asbestos are strong, durable and can resist heat, friction and acids. As a result of these properties, asbestos was combined with other materials for use in many industrial applications.  Unfortunately, exposure to asbestos-containing materials poses a serious health risk, with dire consequences. It is now the property owner’s ‘duty to manage’ any asbestos-containing materials on his property.

While asbestos itself is not harmful, it is when its fibres are disturbed, become airborne and inhaled that it is deadly. In Huddersfield, an asbestos survey must be completed by a professional company with experience in all areas of asbestos. We are an asbestos removal company. Our aim is to make a substantial difference to the environments in which you live and work, by helping create healthy surroundings. We begin this by conducting a comprehensive asbestos survey. Our survey will identify where any asbestos is and in what condition it is. We can assist in creating a comprehensive asbestos management plan to ensure that all the occupants of your building are aware of the dangers of asbestos exposure, and what to do should they come across asbestos.

An asbestos survey in Huddersfield must be completed by a knowledgeable and experienced team. We can provide asbestos testing services, as well as asbestos removal and disposal services. For more information about how our asbestos survey can assist you, contact Asbestos Associated.  We are committed to providing a safe, effective and cost effective service to ensure the health and safety of all our clients. With our high level of staff expertise, attention to detail and level of service, you can be guaranteed a complete service that takes care of every aspect of asbestos: from the initial survey, particle testing to safe removal and disposal. Ensure the safety of the occupants of your building, and use the services of expert asbestos surveyors.