Asbestos Management in Preston

Asbestos Management in PrestonAsbestos management in Preston is the responsibility of the building owner or manager for the owner. Our company, Asbestos Associated, can help by undertaking a survey of the premises to find out if there is asbestos present. If it is present, the owner has a legal responsibility to manage it appropriately. That could mean doing nothing if the asbestos is intact and sealed. Or, it could be the only safe action is removal. We at Asbestos Associated have the training, equipment and credentials to undertake the job safely and thoroughly. Removal of asbestos is serious business and if you get somebody in there that doesn’t know or care what they’re doing, you put the building occupants at high risk of lung disease.

There is a lot of lawyers in the world getting rich from tort and class action lawsuits stemming from exposure to asbestos. Usually illness results after long-term exposure but not always, so in Preston, asbestos management must be carried out responsibly. That includes calling in experienced professionals with the up-to-date equipment to safely manage the removal. At Asbestos Associated we stay aware of new developments and techniques that will help us get the job done more easily and safely. Our team is dedicated to their own health and that of building occupants so you can expect a professional service from us carried out according to industry health and safety standards.

Asbestos management in Preston carried out by Asbestos Associated begins with a survey and an air quality test. When the asbestos has to be removed, they isolate the work area for the safety of all in the vicinity. The removed asbestos is transported in safety containers to a dedicated landfill where it is disposed of under environmental guidelines. We clean the work site thoroughly to remove every unseen particle of asbestos and follow up with further air quality testing. When we do the job, we do it right so the building is safe. Contact Asbestos Associated for a survey and air quality test. Whatever the results, we will do the right thing in a professional manner and at fair prices.