Asbestos Disposal in Stoke

Asbestos Disposal in StokeAsbestos Associated is our full service environmental company that includes asbestos disposal in Stoke. By now we’re all familiar with the dangers of asbestos and the immense quantities that were used in construction prior to 2000. Once the dangers of this mineral were finally recognised, laws were gradually passed preventing its use in the UK for building construction. By then there was enough of the deadly stuff in our homes and public buildings to make a substantial dent in the population were it to go unmanaged. We found that sometimes, when properly contained and sealed it posed no risk. Once damaged, releasing microscopic fibres into the environment, the only solution is removal and disposal.

Removal of asbestos is dangerous unless undertaken by professionals. In Stoke, asbestos disposal must follow strict government environmental standards because it’s still dangerous. The safety training and equipment for asbestos removal is recognized by most people after nearly two decades of witnessing the process from a safe distance. Once it’s gone there’s not been a lot of curiosity about where it goes except among active environmental groups. We can’t just set it on the kerb for the trash collector to haul to the local landfill. Asbestos is hazardous materials and so is the protective gear and tools used to remove it. Guidelines call for the material to be sealed in a red hazard material bag and then placed in a clear bag with a Carriage of Dangerous Goods (CDG) label.

Only waste haulers licensed to carry hazardous materials can transport for asbestos disposal in Stoke.  The material is placed in a designated hazardous materials landfill and never mixed with other waste. Asbestos Associated is fully licensed to carry out every step from survey to removal and disposal. We are one company with several locations serving a wide area. Contact Asbestos Associated when you want one company to manage your asbestos survey and management plan, remove asbestos when needed and finish the job complete to disposal. Every step is taken with safety in mind for building occupants, our own technicians and the protection of the environment for future generations.