Asbestos Testing in Leeds

Asbestos Testing in LeedsConsider asbestos testing in Leeds if you are moving into or already live in a house that was built before 2000. Through a series of investigations and decisions dating as far back as 1973, asbestos was found to be a lethal substance. It was linked t the development of various health conditions including asbestosis and a variety of cancers. Unfortunately, before it was banned in the UK, asbestos had been used widely when insulating commercial and domestic buildings. It was also a popular material for roofing and flooring. Since the ban, many efforts have gone into the safe removal and disposal of asbestos in the country.

Despite the numerous efforts to deal with asbestos in the UK, it is still present in several domestic and commercial buildings. In Leeds, asbestos testing is the best way to be sure that your house is safe. In the past, many people were sceptic or unaware of the dangers that asbestos exposure created. Asbestos removal was also quite costly and few experts existed in the region. Now with the technological advancements, we can offer affordable testing, removal and disposal of asbestos. The main challenge is that asbestos consists of micro-fibres that can split up and float around in the air. Inhaling these fibres is hazardous to your health. This is why you need experts who can remove the asbestos completely.

You can save a lot of money by beginning with comprehensive asbestos testing in Leeds before moving in or renovating your home. This will help you know exactly where the asbestos materials are located. It is also wise to test for asbestos before buying a house. You may jump on a great deal for a house then find that the walls and roof are all full of asbestos.  Our company is established in the North West and has a good understanding of the area. We pride ourselves in creating safe working and living environments for our customers. Contact Asbestos Associated today to find out more about our services. With highly experienced staff, you can rest assured that we can deal with any asbestos challenge you may come across.