Asbestos Disposal in Stoke

Asbestos Disposal in StokeAsbestos disposal in Stoke is a process you may not be familiar with. It comes with regulations and safety precautions for removal from the site, preparing it for transport, the actual transport of the material and finally the disposal. In case you didn’t know, it goes into a landfill. But, not just any landfill. It turns out that the safest method for disposal at this time is a designated landfill. It’s not the same place you send you household trash. These disposal sites are set aside for hazardous materials only. The sites are regulated. Everything that goes in is securely contained according to hazardous materials disposal regulations. It can then be safely stored underground. Asbestos is deadly but only when the microscopic fibres are loose in the air.

Asbestos Associated specialises in the surveying, testing, removal and disposal of asbestos from buildings. In Stoke, asbestos disposal must be undertaken only by licensed professionals. Before we remove asbestos from the site we pack it in UN approved packaging. Generally, that means a red inner bag with clear asbestos warnings and a clear outer bag with CDG label indicating the Carriage of Dangerous Goods clearly displayed. This is our practice at Asbestos Associated and we are licenced carriers to transport waste. The container or compartment in the truck must be sealed and locked before transport. We use a licenced disposal site and each delivery is noted in writing and the documents saved for 3 years.

Asbestos disposal in Stock should only be undertaken by carefully trained and experienced professionals. Once considered a wonder product for the building and manufacturing of almost everything, its use is now outlawed. The dangers of asbestos have been proven so don’t be tempted to take the strict safety regulations lightly. When unauthorised individuals attempt asbestos removal and disposal, they put themselves at risk. Unfortunately, they put everyone in that environment at risk. It may take 40 years before a diagnosis of mesothelioma is received. You need to know, there is no cure. Contact Asbestos Associated for surveys, testing, removal and disposal of asbestos. We’ve been working to eliminate the threat for over 20 years but there is still a lot of work to do.