Make Sure Your Building is Safe with Asbestos Management in Chester

Asbestos Management in ChesterEnsure that your premises are 100% safe with our expert asbestos management in Chester. At Asbestos Associated, we believe that our first priority is the health and safety of our clients. We are an asbestos testing, survey, removal and disposal company with several years’ experience in the business. Our highly trained, experienced professional team can handle any asbestos-related project, no matter how big or small, whether domestic or commercial. We focus on creating and maintaining a healthy and risk-free environment for people to work, play and live.

For property owners in Chester, asbestos management is an important aspect of maintaining compliance with building regulations and environmental rules. Asbestos was once considered a miracle material because of its fire-retardant, insulating properties. It is also easy to work with and abundantly available as a natural product. However, with advances in the medical research field, it was discovered that asbestos has seriously harmful and toxic effects. In undamaged state, it does not pose any problems, but with aging and if disturbed, the fine fibres work loose and enter the atmosphere. It enters the lungs through the air we breathe, causing a range of health problems, ranging from allergies and respiratory problems to fatal illnesses like cancer and mesothelioma.

Asbestos management in Chester does not always mean removal or disposal. A good quality management plan comprises assigning the task of management to a person or team, maintaining an asbestos register, scheduling regular inspection and monitoring and keeping people informed about all aspects of the asbestos management plan. The plan should be easily accessible and available to all. When you need assistance with asbestos management, contact us. All properties owners have a legal duty to manage asbestos on their premises. It is important to have clear knowledge of the exact location and condition of asbestos on the property. It may be in the form of false-ceilings, partitions, tanks/cisterns, fireproof screens, paint on walls and floor. If you’re planning renovations, repair or demolition of any part of a building that contains asbestos, this has the potential to disturb and damage asbestos that may otherwise be in good condition. That is why it’s important to map the location of asbestos or asbestos-containing materials.