Call the Professionals for Expert Asbestos Disposal in Huddersfield

Asbestos Disposal in HuddersfieldYou may not be familiar with the procedure for asbestos disposal in Huddersfield. You may know that between the early 1900’s and the late 1990’s, asbestos was in all facets of interior and exterior building construction. A lot of it is still present in older buildings and presents no threat as long as it’s left undisturbed. It may be in the paint, the cladding, roof shingles and even the concrete of the building foundation. The addition of asbestos to these building products strengthened them and made them fire resistant. Plus, the stuff was cheap and plentiful. What’s not to like? Nobody saw the infinitesimal fibres floating in the air or knew they could be breathing those fibres into their lungs, causing deadly diseases.

So now we know and Asbestos Associated has been part of the solution with surveys and removal services. In Huddersfield, asbestos disposal is the last step. Our company of environmental professionals undertake surveys and testing to determine the presence of asbestos in both residential and commercial buildings. When we find it, we create an asbestos management plan. If the asbestos is undisturbed, it may be best to leave it alone and do periodic follow up inspections. If the condition presents a health hazard, then our team removes it. It takes well-trained and experienced technicians to carry out this solution. To do it safely means the right equipment to protect ourselves and all who have access to the premises.

You may wonder how asbestos disposal in Huddersfield is even possible. There are environmental and health guidelines in place that must be followed for both removal and disposal. The asbestos we remove from a property is bagged in heavy gauge polythene to contain it and labelled as Asbestos. The bags are secured for transportation to a landfill, but not just any landfill. Government environmental agencies have set aside specific landfills where contained asbestos can be buried. Contact Asbestos Associated for asbestos management as well as disposal. When disposal is necessary, please don’t do it yourself. Call us and we’ll manage the clean up and bagging of asbestos containing materials from your property.