Legislated and Regulated Asbestos Disposal in Leeds by an Expert Team

Asbestos Disposal in Leeds Asbestos disposal in Leeds, as well as the rest of the UK, is legislated and regulated as Hazardous Waste. There are penalties in place for violating the disposal regulations. Careless handling of asbestos can have long reaching implications since it stays in the environment. It’s only dangerous if it’s airborne. So the asbestos in your concrete foundation will not pose a hazard until the building decomposes or is demolished. Then, the fibres are released into the environment. If a building was built before the year 2000, it likely contains some asbestos because it was a component in most building products. The use of asbestos was not outlawed until 1999 and even then it probably took some time for everybody to get up to speed and comply.

The best way to dispose of asbestos is to call in professionals equipped, licensed and trained to dispose of hazardous waste. In Leeds, asbestos disposal is carried out by our team at Asbestos Associated. It’s one of our many environmental services. Our professionals undertake asbestos surveys, removal and lawful disposal. Any waste containing asbestos must be contained after removal in specially designed double walled bags and properly labelled as Hazardous Waste. Our protective gear becomes part of the waste. The bags are placed in sealed skips and buried in a designated landfill. The asbestos has proven to be deadly once the miniscule fibres have been breathed in. So, this is not a job for amateurs.

Once we have carried out asbestos disposal in Leeds after removal, we do an air check. If we removed the asbestos and disposed of it we want to be certain the air in the affected area is now safe for humans to breathe. Likely you want that assurance for yourself and your associates. We follow the guidelines and abide by all safety measures for our own protection as well as the clients. You may have products you want removed that contain asbestos; old brake pads, building shingles, any one of at least 3000 products. Contact Asbestos Associated and we will provide a free quote and a complete explanation of how we will proceed. Asbestos related disease is the number one work related cause of death in the UK. Our company is taking it on cleaning up the environment safely.