Asbestos Testing in Burnley, Necessary for the Safety of Your Building’s Occupants

Asbestos Testing in BurnleyWithout asbestos testing in Burnley, you can’t know for certain that asbestos  is not present in your building. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s harmful. As long as it’s contained such as in concrete, shingles, insulated wrap for pipes and even paint, the fibres can’t escape into the air. Therefore, you won’t breathe them so there is no health risk. Asbestos was such a versatile building material that it was once added to building products, automotive parts and appliances. It insulates, strengthens and fire proofs whatever materials to which it is added. Better still, it was cheap and plentiful. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true. Loose fibres are so small they can be breathed into our lungs. Once embedded there, the result is a deadly lung disease.

Many of those older asbestos-containing buildings are still in use. In Burnley, asbestos testing should be carried out on every structure built before 2000. You need to know if it’s present in any form. If it is, but it’s contained, then you should just check it from time to time. If it’s in damaged materials, it’s a health risk and should be removed and disposed of in an environmentally safe way. The demolition of older buildings must never be undertaken without a test for asbestos. Testing for the presence of asbestos is not invasive or damaging to the building at all unless the building is scheduled for demolition. Then we have to check in areas not easily accessible. When the wrecking ball hits, it will release dangerous asbestos fibres into the environment. That is why a demo test is more invasive and why all asbestos-containing materials must be removed before demolition.

Asbestos testing in Burnley is carried out by testing small samples taken from the building during the course of a survey. We carry out the survey, testing, removal and disposal of asbestos as a standard safety precaution, for the purpose of refurbishment and before demolition. We are fully accredited to conduct these services for both domestic and commercial buildings. Commercial building owners are required by law to have a survey carried out for presence of asbestos. Contact Asbestos Associated for our experienced team, well known for our comprehensive services. The safety of those for whom you are responsible may be at risk. We can help put your mind at ease and keep your building within the legal guidelines.