Professional Asbestos Disposal in Burnley According to Government Guidelines

Asbestos Disposal in Burnley When Asbestos Associated carries out asbestos disposal in Burnley, we have to follow government guidelines. The same is true for the removal of the asbestos. Not just anyone can remove asbestos or asbestos-containing products from a site and then dump it anywhere. Uncontained asbestos is dangerous to the health of all. That’s why when our well trained and experienced removal team carries out removal, the whole area must be sealed so fibres do not escape. Once removed, we follow a protocol for disposal. That starts with having a waste carriers licence. We need that just to carry the asbestos off-site from where it was found. Those of our teams handling the removal must undergo specific safety training. 

The asbestos transport and disposal containers must be sealed and sealed again. In Burnley, asbestos disposal is packed into red hazmat bags which are then placed into a clear bag. The transport vehicle should be locked during transportation. We still can’t dispose of the bags in just any landfill. Disposal must take place is a landfill designated for hazardous materials. With each disposal we complete a Waste Consignment Note so there is a paper trail from removal to disposal. At the time we dispose of the asbestos-containing products, we also dispose of our protective clothing, hoods, gloves and booties, which are usually made from a paper-based product. Any sheeting we used to seal the work area goes into the landfill as well.

Asbestos Associated is fully trained and licenced to carry out asbestos disposal in Burnley. If you have not scheduled a property survey to detect asbestos, contact us and schedule one with us as soon as possible. Hopefully, no asbestos is found but even if there is, we can manage it for you according to government guidelines. Asbestos removal and disposal is dangerous in the wrong hands and should not be undertaken by the individual building owner or manager. Leave it to us as the experience professionals. That’s the smart way to protect yourself and your building occupants from these deadly mineral fibres. Our prices are reasonable and we address every asbestos concern completely with you.