Asbestos Survey in Kidsgrove, for the Safety of You and Your Building

Asbestos survey in KidsgroveAn asbestos survey in Kidsgrove is necessary if you’re planning on adding on your old building. Perhaps you’re wondering why an asbestos survey is necessary? Asbestos was used as a building material additive as it has many good qualities. It was added for strength, to insulation materials and many more. In fact, asbestos is most likely to be present in buildings constructed or refurbished between 1950 and 1980. These include, in particular, buildings that have a steel frame, boilers and pipes with thermal insulation and suspended ceilings. While asbestos itself is not a danger, it is when it is old and friable that it causes irreparable damage.

In order to best manage any asbestos in your building in Kidsgrove, an asbestos survey is necessary. A survey will determine where any asbestos-containing materials are, their condition and whether they need to be removed. It also provides the information necessary to prepare a thorough asbestos management plan. When asbestos is old or damaged, it releases its fine particles into the air. These are inhaled by unsuspecting people, where they are lodged in the lungs. Inhaling asbestos fibres result in diseases for which there is no cure. These include asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. As a building owner, the responsibility to manage any asbestos lies with you. You need to ensure that any employee who is likely to come into contact with the asbestos is suitably trained in procedures for dealing with it. You also need to ensure that your staff know to stop and seek advice when they come across suspect fibrous materials.

An asbestos survey in Kidsgrove must be conducted by a qualified and experienced team. We can assist. Contact Asbestos Associated today if you need a comprehensive asbestos survey done on your building. Our experts will conduct the survey in accordance with HSE regulations. The survey will also determine whether any asbestos-containing materials must be removed and disposed of. We can provide this service. Each member of our team is 100 % dedicated to providing a safe and thorough service. They are also committed to their own safety, the safety of their colleagues and to yours.