Asbestos Removal in Warrington, Necessary to Keep Your Building Safe

asbestos removal in WarringtonAsbestos removal in Warrington is necessary if loose asbestos is found in the building. Asbestos is a serious health threat as we all know by now and the removal of it is serious business. Our accredited and experienced team of experts are well equipped to safely remove and dispose of asbestos from commercial, residential, municipal, educational and medical buildings. We also carry out removal in private homes when called upon to do so. Asbestos removal usually results from an inspection or survey of the building which we carry out. If our results show dangerous asbestos fibres are present then we will recommend and design a plan for safe removal.

If asbestos is contained in ceiling tiles, concrete, insulation or the like, it’s probably safe to leave it alone. However, in Warrington, asbestos removal may be needed if the building is to be demolished in part or whole. Building materials used before the year 2000 frequently contain a lot of asbestos. We can’t just bring a building down in a huge cloud of dust and debris without contaminating the air and ground of a large area. The building has to first be contained and then carefully dismantled in sections. That means the removal of wallboard, floor tiles, insulation wrap, and so much more. The cladding and roof tiles may also contain asbestos because asbestos is a great insulator and fire resistant. Then, the sections must be safely removed and transported to a designated landfill.

As you can clearly understand, asbestos removal in Warrington requires the services of well equipped, highly trained and responsible professionals. We take our business seriously and it’s with pride that we contribute to creating a healthy environment for others to live and work in. If you are remodelling one section of a building, you probably won’t need to shut down the whole building. We can seal off the work section and the asbestos we’re removing will not escape to other areas of the building. If you haven’t had a survey recently or you would like your building tested for asbestos, contact Asbestos Associated. We are equipped to work in safety and maintain the safety of those in vicinity. As experienced professionals, we know how to manage the risks through removal, transporting and disposal of all asbestos containing materials.