Professional Help for Safe and Efficient Asbestos Removal in Widnes

Asbestos Removal in WidnesGet professional help for asbestos removal in Widnes when you contact Asbestos Associated. We are specialists in site clearance, demolition, waste disposal besides safe and reliable asbestos removal. We have several years’ experience in dealing with these aspects. Our clients include both domestic and commercial customers. We offer full service facilities that include everything from initial particle testing to secure removal and disposal. We have several branches located in and around the North West. This enables us to provide our customers with timely and top-quality solutions in this region and beyond.

For businesses in Widnes, asbestos removal is one of the components in worker safety. It also helps to ensure that residential and commercial buildings are protected from health hazards associated with asbestos. The term “asbestos” refers to certain types of silicate minerals. These minerals occur naturally and plentifully in the earth. They comprise long, slender, fibrous crystals that are loosely held together. The fibres remain firm unless they are disturbed or due to forces such as abrasion and aging. In the early 1950s, it was considered a “miracle material” and used in a variety of applications. These included insulation, building, painting, fire-resistance, roofing, electrical and plumbing works, flooring, lining of water tanks and cisterns. However, its toxic nature was also being discovered. By 1999, a ban on its use was promulgated.

Asbestos removal in Widnes by our teams follows strict guidelines laid down by local and national authorities. All our technicians are highly trained, qualified, experienced and insured. We ensure that the methods used are in compliance with asbestos removal regulations. All our personnel who work on removal projects are provided with the right equipment and information. Asbestos and asbestos-containing materials are properly transported away and disposed of. Exposure to asbestos fibres leads to respiratory diseases, cancers and asbestosis. One of the common forms of lung cancer mesothelioma frequently occurs in those who have worked near or been exposed to asbestos over a long time. The effects of asbestos exposure often take years to show up. For professional and safe asbestos removal, contact Asbestos Associated. Our team will help to identify, locate, survey, manage and remove this hazardous material. We help property-owners to create a safe living and working environment.