Asbestos Removal in Wirral, Carried Out by a Professional Team

asbestos removal in WirralAsbestos removal in Wirral, along with the disposal of the asbestos, must be carried out by professionals. At Asbestos Associated, our technicians have to complete approved training programs that ensure the safety of the workers, building occupants and the environment. Asbestos is so dangerous and one of the reasons is because it cannot be seen. You can see the materials that contain the asbestos and for safety, that material must be carefully and professionally removed. Over the last 20 years we have made a lot of progress in removing this dangerous mineral from our living and working spaces. Since November 24, 1999, all forms of asbestos use in building or manufacturing anything new, is banned throughout the UK.

The work of ridding our environment of asbestos containing materials is an ongoing process. In Wirral, asbestos removal, is necessary as most old buildings contain some form of asbestos. Prior to 1999 it was used prolifically in building construction because it is plentiful,  strong, fire resistant and has insulating qualities. Many homes, commercial buildings, government buildings, factories and more still contain asbestos. We don’t remove it until the material containing it begins to deteriorate, the building is being renovated or it’s being demolished. Once the fibres break free and enter the environment they can be inhaled into lungs where they embed themselves risking disease. So our focus now is carrying out surveys to determine if asbestos is present in the building and if so, monitoring it for safety.

Asbestos removal in Wirral is the only safe solution when asbestos is in a dangerous state. Our technicians are highly trained in the safe removal and disposal of asbestos waste. We use certified safety equipment to protect ourselves during asbestos removal as well as those in the vicinity of our work site. Sometimes complete evacuation of the building is necessary but not always. We are able to safely seal off a section in a building and carry out asbestos removal while other parts of the building remain safe to occupy. For a building survey to check for the presence of dangerous asbestos, removal of asbestos and education regarding the dangers of asbestos, contact our professionals at Asbestos Associated. We will keep your building occupants safe and your building compliant with environmental regulations.