Safe and Professional Asbestos Removal in Culcheth

Asbestos Removal in CulchethFor safe and professional asbestos removal in Culcheth, get in touch with the specialists. This is a precaution that all homeowners, businesses, property owners and managers must take. At Asbestos Associated, we fully understand the seriousness of the problem. We are equipped to handle a comprehensive range of services such as asbestos removal, disposal, testing and surveys. Our highly-trained, qualified and licensed technicians can give you timely inputs and assistance. We believe in excellent quality at an affordable rate, because your health and safety are important to us. It is also the legal responsibility of building owners to take immediate and correct action when they find asbestos on their premises. Owners are required to identify and locate asbestos on the property, and also ensure that their staff is notified and trained in correct handling.

For building owners in Culcheth, asbestos removal is riskier in older properties. If owners suspect that asbestos or asbestos-containing materials are present, they have to act fast. Surveys must be carried out. Alternatively, they can put in robust management systems. If any suspicious materials are discovered during demolition, repairs or renovation, workers should stop work immediately. They must notify the property owner. The owner must then ensure that removal and disposal are undertaken in compliance with current regulations. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 have been in place since April 2012. They mandate that some types of non-licensed work has to be notified and records should be kept. By 2015 all workers who undertake such works have to be under the surveillance of a doctor. We are in compliance with all these guidelines. That is what makes us an ethical, professional and reliable firm.

After asbestos removal in Culcheth is completed, we ensure that it is safely packaged and transported to the disposal site. Get in touch with Asbestos Associated for more information. Removal of asbestos-containing materials is also equally risky, whether it is licensed or non-licensed work. It may be in the form of paint, coatings, insulation, lagging, boards, partitions and false ceilings. We take all precautions to protect our staff and clients. Asbestos disposal is another important issue.