The Importance of Professional Asbestos Testing in Lymm

Asbestos testing in Lymm Protect occupants of residential and commercial properties with our expert asbestos testing in Lymm. At Asbestos Associated, we provide expert testing, survey, removal and disposal of asbestos and asbestos containing materials. We believe in making a significant difference to the environment that people work, live and play in. Both homes and business premises should be safe and trustworthy spaces that don’t pose risk to health and life. Our attention to detail, commitment to quality and investment in the latest technology have paid dividends over the years we’ve been in business. Ours is a one stop shop where all aspects of asbestos, right from initial particle testing up to safe removal and disposal are taken care of.

For clients in Lymm, asbestos testing is of paramount importance in buildings that were constructed or refurbished before the year 2000. In industrial properties, asbestos may be found in asbestos cement, sprayed on coatings and loose fill insulation. In residential properties, it may be used in construction of water tanks, fire-proof spray on coatings, pipe lagging, insulation, partitions and false ceilings, flooring and more. Left undisturbed, asbestos by itself is not hazardous. However, with aging or other damage, the fibres work loose and enter the atmosphere. From here it enters our lungs and respiratory system, causing a variety of diseases and allergic reactions. Finding asbestos on your property also exposes you to legal action. Exposure to asbestos may not result in immediate symptoms, as these signs and symptoms often take years to manifest.

Asbestos testing in Lymm is a necessary requirement. The term asbestos refers to six different naturally occurring materials of a silicate nature. It was once prized as a miracle material because of its amazing insulation properties, flexibility and versatility, low energy conductivity, resistance to chemicals, heat resistance, and very high tensile strength. However, in the 1960s and 70s, people became aware of the severe health risks that it posed. The biggest problem is that older buildings usually do contain asbestos in some form or other. When renovation and refurbishment are required, there is a huge risk. Contact Associated Asbestos for more information. We use state of the art testing equipment and processes to ensure accurate and timely results.