Rely on a Professional Company for Your Asbestos Survey in Delamere

Asbestos Survey in DelamereRely on a professional company for an expert asbestos survey in Delamere for your building. If you are planning on doing any renovations on your building, it is a legal requirement to first have an asbestos survey. Most older buildings contain asbestos of some kind within the building. This is because asbestos was widely used as an additive to building materials. Buildings that were constructed in the year before 2000 likely have asbestos-containing materials. The use of asbestos is now prohibited as a result of the consequences of exposure to its tiny fibres. If these fibres are inhaled or ingested, they can cause incurable diseases and cancer.

We are an asbestos removal company. As such, in Delamere, an asbestos survey is a part of our services. We can provide an asbestos survey to determine the location and the extent of any asbestos in your building. As this is a legal requirement, it is essential that you use the services of a professional team to survey your building. If any asbestos is present, we can help devise a proper and effective management plan. Asbestos itself is not harmful. It is dangerous hen it ages as it becomes brittle. If it is disturbed, it releases microscopic fibres into the air which then can be inhaled or swallowed by unsuspecting people in the vicinity. Legislation insists that every building owner has the legal responsibility to manage the asbestos in his building.

An asbestos survey in Delamere is the first step in complying with your legal requirement as a building owner. We offer two types of surveys. The most popular is the management survey. This survey serves to manage any asbestos-containing materials in your building that are likely to be disturbed during normal occupancy and use of the building. The survey will locate any asbestos-containing materials that could be disturbed or damaged during normal use of the building including general maintenance. If you need a professional survey for your building, contact Asbestos Associated. We have the experience, training and skill to provide a comprehensive survey. Our surveyors will also provide a report to assist with your management plan. Take the first step in ensuring that your building is safe with a professional asbestos survey from an expert team.