Asbestos Testing in Winwick, Essential for Older Buildings

Asbestos Testing in WinwickOur expert asbestos testing in Winwick keeps occupants, visitors and workers safe. Asbestos Associated is a company with vast experience and expertise in testing, removal and disposal of asbestos and asbestos-containing materials (ACM). We take care of all elements of dealing with asbestos right from survey, to identifying and locating, providing reports, safe removal and disposal. Our goal is to make the environment in which you work, play and live as safe as possible. Testing helps you to understand the location, amount and condition of asbestos present on your property. Over the last two decades, the serious health hazard posed by asbestos and ACM has come into sharp focus.

For clients in Winwick, asbestos testing must be carried out by trained professionals. Only competent, qualified, licensed and experienced people should undertake any asbestos-related work. Their training should include practical work, and different types of work should be undertaken by certified contractors only. Apart from the health aspect, today, it is legally binding on property owners to ensure that their premises are safe. Landlords are duty-bound to minimise risks to tenants. Acts such as the Housing Act, Landlord & Tenant Act, Control of Asbestos Regulations, Environmental Protection Act, Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act and more ensure protection and safety. Employers also have a duty to make sure that they provide safe working conditions to their employees, vendors or visitors. Construction companies, owners of shops, offices, hospitality centres, and factories must also follow the current guidelines.

Old buildings should have asbestos testing in Winwick. Any building that was constructed or refurbished before 2000 is likely to contain asbestos in some form. It may be present in roofing/flooring materials, water tanks, cisterns, partitions, false ceilings, fire-retardant paint coatings, insulation, loose asbestos in ceilings and cellars, insulation, textured coatings, asbestos cement products and more. Contact Asbestos Associated for more information on our asbestos testing. When left undisturbed, it usually poses no threat. Due to wear-and-tear, aging and disturbance the fibres loosen and enter the atmosphere and then into our lungs. This results in a variety of conditions ranging from allergies to respiratory disease, cancer and more. Testing helps to gauge, understand and be aware of the problem