Take the Responsible First Step with an Asbestos Survey in Widnes

Asbestos Survey in WidnesAn asbestos survey in Widnes is essential if you have an old building and are planning renovations. Asbestos was extensively used as an additive to building materials in the past as it boasted a number of excellent properties. Adding asbestos to building materials gave them strength, durability, excellent insulation and fire resistance. It is easy to see why it was so widely used. The problem arose when the effects of exposure to asbestos fibres became apparent. These microscopic fibres embed themselves in the lungs and cannot be removed. They are strong and sharp and cause irreparable damage.

The use of asbestos today is banned. In Widnes, an asbestos survey is necessary because of the dangers of exposure to this mineral. The fibres are released into the air when the asbestos is disturbed. As they are minute and cannot be seen by the naked eye, the dangers of exposure increase. This is the reason why an asbestos survey is essential. A survey will determine the location and extent of any asbestos-containing materials within your property. With this information, you are able to make the right steps towards safeguarding those who visit and work in your building. However, it is also essential to choose a company that can provide an effective and safe asbestos survey. Depending on what your plans are, 1 of 2 different types of survey will be chosen.

An asbestos survey in Widnes can be either a management or a refurb/demo survey. We have the training, experience and the knowledge to perform any type of asbestos survey. For more details, or to schedule your asbestos survey, contact Asbestos Associated today. As a professional asbestos removal company, we can assist with an asbestos survey, asbestos testing and asbestos removal and disposal. Not only is an asbestos survey essential for the health and well-being of the people who use your building, it is also a legal requirement. By choosing an experienced and professional team for the survey of your building, you can ensure that the right steps are followed for the safety of the occupants.