For a Thorough Asbestos Survey in Winsford, Trust the Experts

Asbestos Survey in WinsfordAn asbestos survey in Winsford is a legal requirement before starting a renovation or demolition project. It is also essential if your building is an old one, constructed before 2000. The purpose of an asbestos survey is to locate any asbestos-containing materials. It also determines the extent and the condition.  Asbestos is friable when it is old or if it is damaged. It can release very tiny fibres into the air. If there are people in the building when this happens, it is highly likely that they will inhale these tiny fibres. The result is incurable disease and cancer. Asbestos was widely used in the past as a building material additive. As a result, there is some form of asbestos in most of old buildings today.

For your old building in Winsford, an asbestos survey can help keep your occupants safe. The survey identifies any asbestos-containing materials in the building. The condition is also noted. This means that you can make the right plans in order to ensure your employees safety. An asbestos survey needs the skill, knowledge and experience of a professional team. They know exactly what they are looking for. As such, they can easily identify any asbestos-containing materials. Moreover, if they are uncertain about the quality of the asbestos, they can take a sample and send it off for testing. We are an asbestos removal company.

For a professional asbestos survey in Winsford to help keep your employees safe, speak to the experts. Our experts provide professional surveys. These include management and refurb/demolition asbestos surveys. Contact Asbestos Associated today for more details on how we can assist you with an asbestos survey. Our surveys are thorough and detailed. The information gathered during the survey will help you to create the right asbestos management plan. Our experts can assist you there too. Should the survey determine the need for removal, we can help. Ensure your building and each person who occupies it is safe. Let our expert team assist with a professional asbestos survey.