Asbestos Testing in Runcorn – Professional and Efficient

Asbestos Testing in Runcorn The primary aim of asbestos testing in Runcorn is to ensure that people in the premises remain safe. We focus on making a substantial difference to the environment where you live and work. Asbestos in various forms poses a health hazard for businesses and homes. Until the 1990’s, asbestos was extensively used by the construction industry in Britain. Many buildings that were constructed during this era could contain asbestos or asbestos containing materials. This would be in water-tanks, pipes, loose-fill insulation, decorative and textured coatings, ceiling and floor tiles, toilets and cisterns, airing cupboards, boilers, partition walls, gutters, garage and extension roofs and more. Fire-proof blankets and lining materials are other places that contain asbestos. It may also occur in paint or other construction materials.

For building owners in Runcorn, asbestos testing gives you accurate details about the presence of asbestos on your premises. It gives you information about the condition, quality and amount of material. You can conduct a thorough risk assessment study based on this information. An asbestos management register can be prepared and kept updated. This helps your staff to take the right safety measures while carrying out refurbishment, repairs or renovation. When left undisturbed, asbestos doesn’t pose any threat. However, due to age or damage, the fibres work loose. They enter respiratory systems of humans and animals, causing a variety of health problems.

Asbestos testing in Runcorn is carried out by our highly trained, qualified and experienced team. If you are disturbing any part of your building that was built before 1999, asbestos testing is crucial. Only those with the right training and experience should carry out the test or survey. This helps to prevent delays to your project. In the course of demolition, repair, renovation or remodelling, if the workers come across asbestos, it can bring the project to a halt. If you haven’t conducted regular testing, it can cause legal problems. Get in touch with Asbestos Associated for more information on our services. We offer top quality testing, surveys, removal and disposal of asbestos, whatever the quantity. We work with commercial firms, educational institutions, property managers and individual home-owners.