Asbestos Survey in Winsford – an Essential Step for Safety

Asbestos Survey in Winsford An asbestos survey in Winsford is essential if you have an old building. The reason for this is that asbestos as extensively used as an additive to building materials. It offered attractive benefits such as thermal, heat and electrical resistance, strength and durability. However, some asbestos becomes friable when it is old or hen it is damaged. The asbestos releases airborne fibres that, if inhaled, can cause incurable disease and cancer. As a result of its excellent properties, asbestos was added to a large number of building materials, resulting in its widespread use in the construction industry. Asbestos can be found in cement, insulation, ceiling boards and many other places. The use of asbestos in building materials is now banned.

However, as a result of its extensive use, it is still present in many old buildings today. Thus, in Winsford, an asbestos survey can help source the location of any asbestos-containing materials in a building. The survey is mandatory, particularly if your building was erected before 2000. Asbestos-related diseases have no cure, and unfortunately, symptoms of these diseases only manifest many years after exposure to the fibres. It is essential to have an asbestos survey conducted on your building. This ensures that you’ll have the right information to compile both an asbestos register and a management plan. It also ensures that your building is legally compliant and the people within your building have precautions in place.

An asbestos survey in Winsford should be completed by an expert team. An expert has the knowledge, experience and training to ensure a thorough and comprehensive survey. If you have an older building and it is time for a survey, contact Asbestos Associated for assistance. Our surveyors are experts in their field. Furthermore, our services are competitively priced. We take our role seriously and are known as leaders in our field. The asbestos surveys that e offer comply with the HSE’s directive. Furthermore, you can rely on our expertise and professionalism for a safe and thorough asbestos survey.  The type of survey necessary for your building is dependent on your plans for the building. A management survey is suitable if your building is in regular use. A refurb/demo survey is necessary prior to any demolition or renovations to the building.