Asbestos Testing in Wirral – Expert Tram can Assist

Asbestos Testing in Wirral It is essential to begin with asbestos testing in Wirral if you want to embark on any building or renovation project. Several buildings in the North West were constructed before the UK banned asbestos use in 1999. Asbestos is a building material that is widely featured in the construction industry due to its affordability, lightweight and remarkable thermal characteristics. Yet, research found that prolonged asbestos exposure can trigger respiratory illnesses and some forms of cancer. Asbestos contains tiny fibres that can float in the air and get lodged in your lungs when inhaled. Your body cannot eliminate these fibres from your lungs and their accumulation causes respiratory complications leading to illnesses. The immense health risks associated with asbestos exposure led to its ban in several countries including the UK.

Since several buildings already had asbestos in their structure, the country established strict asbestos management and disposal regulations. In Wirral, asbestos testing is essential for your safety. Qualified professionals test the property for asbestos before approving it for use. Asbestos management professionals can identify the material much faster than the untrained eye. Asbestos agitation puts you, your family and your neighbours at risk of irreversible exposure. We have skilled technicians and the appropriate equipment to manage any amount of asbestos. Our technicians wear protective gear when dealing with asbestos. We typically clear the site of any unauthorised personnel and focus our efforts on pinpointing, removing and disposing of the asbestos safely.

We understand that asbestos testing in Wirral can disrupt your business operations. Yet, detection and elimination of asbestos can keep you and your staff safe and more productive for several years. We provide a full HSE-licensed asbestos removal service that you can trust. Furthermore, we constantly research and apply new techniques and development to enhance our efficiency. If you need a detail-oriented asbestos test or survey, contact Asbestos Associated today. We provide pre-demolition/ refurbishment surveys and sample analysis where necessary. We are committed to safety, professionalism, the environment, training and continuous improvement.