Asbestos Removal in Northwich is Best Done by Professionals

Asbestos Removal in Northwich Before you purchase, or begin renovations on an old building, consider asbestos removal in Northwich. Several buildings in the Northwest were built when asbestos was an essential building material. Asbestos was popular for its lightweight yet dense structure. It was excellent for roofing, flooring and insulation because it has high thermal resistance. This means that asbestos significantly limits heat loss or gain in a room. Houses built with asbestos roofing or insulation are cool in the summer and easy to heat in the winter. Yet, studies in the mid-70s revealed that prolonged exposure to asbestos materials caused severe respiratory health challenges.

The studies found that asbestos contained tiny fibres that accumulate in your lungs on inhalation and can cause respiratory illnesses, some types of cancer and various complications. In Northwich, asbestos removal is a professional service performed by certified experts. Handling asbestos without proper training puts you, your family and the neighbours at risk. The agitated asbestos fibres are light enough to float in the air for a significant time before settling on the ground. We encourage anyone living in a home built between the 1950s and 1970s to have an asbestos survey. If you know which parts of your home have asbestos, you can avoid them during maintenance and plan for professional removal. Since your body cannot eliminate asbestos fibres once you inhale them, prevention is the only way to avoid the consequences of asbestos exposure.

Professional asbestos removal in Northwich is affordable and easily accessible. We are a professional firm that specialises in asbestos management across the UK. Asbestos removal services fall under three categories of varying severity that need different levels of removal expertise. The first is Non-licensed asbestos removal, followed by Notifiable non-licensed work, and finally licensable asbestos removal. While the non-licensed categories don’t need certified personnel, we advise you to contact Asbestos Associated today for any asbestos removal work. Our rates are very competitive, and we can save you the time and hassle involved, let alone the risk of dealing with asbestos materials.