Asbestos Survey in Huddersfield

Asbestos Survey in HuddersfieldAre you looking for an asbestos survey in Huddersfield? Asbestos is a dangerous material which can cause a broad variety of pulmonary conditions as well as malignant mesothelioma, which is one of the deadliest cancers. About three quarters of mesothelioma cases are connected to a prolonged asbestos exposure, and asbestos containing materials (ACM) are most commonly found in buildings from the mid-20th century. According to the Cancer Research UK, there were 2600 people diagnosed with mesothelioma and 2400 who succumbed to the disease across the country in 2011. ACMs can also cause lung cancer and a chronic condition called asbestosis. This is why ACMs are now out of use but are still present in many buildings. ACMs are most commonly found in roofs (especially garage roofs), insulation boards, pipes and housing internal walls. What is even more worrying about ACMs is that asbestos fibres spread over a long distance and can cause these conditions even to those who live miles away, in new areas where ACMs haven’t been used, and this is why there is a campaign to remove ACMs from all buildings and demolish those where ACMs can’t be effectively removed.

In Huddersfield, asbestos surveys can be carried out by Asbestos Associated. This company does asbestos surveys as they are ISO 9001: 2000 certified. All holders of non-domestic buildings are due to do this survey to check its presence, condition and quantity which would help determining the further action towards removal of all ACMs where possible. Your spaces can get standard sampling or non-destructive survey, pre-refurbishment and pre-demolition survey.

When you complete your asbestos survey in Huddersfield, you will get advice on further management of ACMS if they’re found in the building. Asbestos Associated offers demolition, removal, structural assessment, building strip-outs, site clearance and safe disposal of any ACMS found. Only a complete removal of ACMs and their safe disposal can spare you the risk of getting some of the deadliest diseases and chronic conditions. Contaminated land will be remediated, which means complete removal of deadly asbestos fibres. If you require an asbestos survey, contact Asbestos Associated.