Asbestos in Lancaster

asbestos in LancasterDiscovering asbestos in Lancaster might create panic since the naturally-occurring silicate minerals now carry the stigma of being largely lethal. True enough, long exposure to asbestos will create health problems for human beings such as breathing issues, lung cancer among a list of potential diseases. Asbestos has been used in the past in a variety of products including ceiling and floor tiles, car brake shoes, and some crayons because of their resistant characteristics. Prior to the discovery of the nefarious features of asbestos, the lethal elements have been heavily used in houses and other properties and they can be lethal only if they are disturbed.

In case that you need to do some construction work or renovation in a property that has asbestos present, it is highly recommended that you hire our team of experts. In Lancaster, asbestos containing materials must be handled carefully and by a professional team. Hiring Asbestos Associated will determine whether you will need extra precautions when the property is under construction in case there is asbestos present. Our team will carry a preliminary inspection to determine the type and amount of asbestos that is present. After that, they will provide you with reports and useful tips on how you should proceed with the work. If you are planning to redo some work in a specific room, it is recommended that the room is completely sealed off from other areas while the work is in progress. The reason for this extreme step is to ensure that other people are not exposed to the fibres of asbestos if, by chance, they become airborne. Since our teams do have relevant training and they are HSE licensed, we are fully able to provide you with a comprehensive service from an initial survey to asbestos removal if required.

To proceed with caution when it comes to asbestos in Lancaster, do give us a call. If you are concerned about asbestos containing materials on your property, contact Asbestos Associated. Speak to us about a competitive quotation for an asbestos survey, and if necessary, removal.