Asbestos Awareness in Preston

Asbestos Awareness in PrestonAsbestos awareness in Preston will help keep you and others around you safe, especially if you live or work in an older building, and are planning to renovate your building. Asbestos exposure can cause serious health problems so if you are planning the demolition of a part of your building or the whole building, you need to have asbestos specialists to advise you on the proper way to proceed.  The asbestos dust particles can be inhaled, causing serious health problems, and an expert can make sure that no one is exposed to the dangers. If you are a building owner, there are legal requirements for dealing with asbestos. It must be safely removed from the premises, or you may be liable for damages.

For any property and business owners in Preston, asbestos awareness expertise and services are provided by Asbestos Associated. We are an asbestos removal company with the experience and knowledge to keep you safe. We help both businesses and homeowners maintain safe environments for the people who live and work in buildings with asbestos. We will help minimise the disruption to your business or your family caused by the removal process. Our testing procedures are minimally invasive but accurate, so you can rest assured that you are not being exposed to the dust. We provide a complete HSE licensed removal service. Our technicians are continually researching and staying abreast of new developments within the industry, so we can provide the best service available. We are dedicated to professionalism, safety, ongoing training, the environment and most of all to our customer’s wellbeing.

For quality services and advice on asbestos awareness in Preston, call us and schedule an inspection for your building. We will test airbourne particles and removal and dispose of any asbestos causing problems in your environment. Contact Asbestos Associated if you would like to know more about our asbestos awareness courses. We will be happy to schedule a date and time to ensure your employees are informed about asbestos, its dangers and the correct procedures to follow. Our prices are reasonable but our service is well above average.