Asbestos Disposal in St Helens

Asbestos Disposal in St HelensAsbestos disposal in St Helens can only be carried out by accredited companies. Any material containing asbestos in whatever form has to responsibly dispose of in a hazardous waste dump where it can be properly treated. Asbestos was widely used in many applications in the building industry prior to 2000. It was mainly used as thermal insulation and for fire protection. Over time the asbestos and the outer covering can wear allowing the fine fibres to become airborne. These can be breathed in by people, causing terrible health problems. For this reason there are many regulations around the handling and disposing of asbestos. To collect the asbestos for disposal our staff are covered in disposable protective gear complete with respiratory protective equipment and are required to be under regular medical surveillance. This is why licenses are issued to companies who have had specific training in handling hazardous waste.

When there is hazardous material that needs to be removed from a building site in St Helens, asbestos disposal experts are the only people who should be trusted to safely remove the waste. Any waste containing asbestos can be deemed dangerous and our highly trained team of experts know how to handle the various asbestos bearing products. This includes dust, rubble, used tools that cannot be decontaminated, protective equipment and rags that have been used for cleaning. This all needs to be placed into special thick red plastic bags and sealed. A second bag is placed over this and also sealed. We take great care to clean the area of all asbestos even the dust is cleaned with damp cloths. Once we have successfully removed all the asbestos we transport it carefully to a special asbestos dump site.

Asbestos disposal in St Helens is specialist job. Contact Asbestos Associated today for help with asbestos disposal. Our professional and licensed company can safely dispose of any dangerous waste you may encounter during a building project. We are at your service to ensure your health and safety.