Asbestos Survey in Leeds

Asbestos Survey in LeedsWhy would you want an asbestos survey in Leeds? Asbestos was regarded as the wonder building material and was extensively in many buildings because of its excellent properties. It was used fireproofing material, it was added to materials such as concrete, asphalt and adhesives for its strength and was perfect as thermal insulation. Most building erected until the 1980’s had asbestos included in the building materials. Only later it was discovered that the asbestos fibres present in the older buildings could release microscopic fibres into the air when disturbed. Inhalation of these fibres resulted in many incurable diseases.

If you are concerned about your older building in Leeds, as asbestos survey will determine exactly how much asbestos is present. It also determines its location. Once this has been determine, a carefully constructed management plan can be drawn up and put in place to ensure the asbestos, and the asbestos containing materials are properly managed and contained. We are highly regarded as an asbestos control company. Speak to us about an asbestos survey for your building. Our qualified technicians will conduct comprehensive and fundamental survey. This will be in accordance to all the necessary regulations. Should there be asbestos present in the building, we will compile a full written survey that will convey how we will deal with the asbestos.

A professional asbestos survey in Leeds is the first step in responsible management. It is your legal responsibility as the owner of the building to take appropriate action. Why not contact Asbestos Associated for information about an asbestos survey? We can assist you in abiding by the law and to ensure that your building is safe for the inhabitants and occupants. It is also your responsibility to ensure the removal and disposal of the asbestos, should the building have any asbestos containing material. As experts in all areas of asbestos control, we can also remove and ensure the safe disposal of the asbestos in your building. We are proud to make a substantial difference to the environment in which you live and work. Ensure the safety of all who work and live in your building and use the services of the experts.