Asbestos in Crewe

Asbestos in CreweAsbestos in Crewe can be a problem. We can make sure that whatever items of asbestos may be in your home or business are safe or if not we can encapsulate them or if possible, remove them. Most buildings that were built before 1999 have some asbestos in them. From the 1950’s to the 1980’s asbestos was used extensively in homes, offices, shops and factories because of its quality of fire resistance, heat protection and insulation. At that stage no-one knew that it had a very dangerous side to it. The tiny fibres that make up asbestos are like tiny shards of stone or glass. Once they enter the lungs they can cause havoc. Long term exposure to asbestos fibres will kill. In 2000 there was a crackdown and new regulations came into being severely curbing the use of asbestos in almost everything.

Whether you are buying or selling a building in Crewe, asbestos surveys need to be made to ensure that any asbestos in the building is safe. Any refurbishment or renovations or extensions to a building require a thorough asbestos survey to identify where there is asbestos in the property and what state it is in. This is a legal requirement and must be carried out for the safety of the workmen who will be on the site. Once complete it will inform the contractors of areas where special protective clothing and respiratory equipment is needed.

Asbestos in Crewe can be hazardous to the health of anyone who comes into contact with the fibres. Contact Asbestos Associated today and request a survey. We are expert at dealing with any type of asbestos contamination. Our staff are all fully trained in various methods of identifying asbestos and checking to see how much is in the air or the dust. The sooner you know what degree of asbestos you have in your building the sooner you can have it cleaned up by professionals like us. We safeguard your family and your staff and make sure your building meets the regulations where asbestos is concerned.