Asbestos Testing in Huddersfield

Asbestos Testing in HuddersfieldIf you need asbestos testing in Huddersfield, Asbestos Associated is a full service environmental company that can help you out. We conduct a survey of your commercial or domestic site to seek out asbestos. Where asbestos is present, we take samples to send to the lab for testing. Frequently used in building construction because of it’s insulation and fire resistant properties, asbestos resembles fibreglass. However, you can’t always tell if the material is asbestos just by looking at it. Any building constructed prior to 1989 is suspect. So when we see disintegrating materials in areas where asbestos was frequently used, we lab test to be sure it is asbestos.

At Asbestos Associated we are certified to conduct asbestos testing.  In Huddersfield, asbestos testing is necessary to ensure that your property is safe. Asbestos fibres that become airbornevwhen we take samples is a health risk. Safety gear must be worn to protect the professionally trained technicians taking the samples. However, the sampling area needs to be sealed off so fibres do not escape into the rest of the building putting others at risk. Asbestos fibres are not seen with the naked eye. They are small enough to be inhaled and become embedded in the lungs often causing lung disease. You don’t want just anybody doing this. Trust our many years of experience and ongoing training to carry out testing without endangering the health of building occupants. It is a matter of public health.

Asbestos testing in Huddersfield is required if a building is scheduled for renovations or demolition. If lab testing confirms our survey findings of asbestos, then our team will contain the area, remove the asbestos and dispose of it according to government standards. Demolition will send asbestos particles into the air if it is not removed prior to construction. You may not be required to schedule professional asbestos testing. If you want to be sure it isn’t present or posing a health threat then for your own peace of mind, contact Asbestos Associated and schedule testing. It can take many years for deadly asbestos related lung cancer to be diagnosed often too late. Whether required or not, contact us at Asbestos Associated and whatever the findings we have the capabilities to manage the whole project through to removal.