Asbestos Awareness in Liverpool

Asbestos Awareness in LiverpoolAsbestos awareness in Liverpool is an important tool for any property owner. Educating the occupants your building of the dangers of asbestos and the correct protocol in dealing with it is a necessary requirement. As a property owner, it is your duty to manage asbestos in your building. Sharing information and knowledge is one of the ways that you will be fulfilling your duty. If you suspect that your building has asbestos-containing materials, you will need to have an asbestos survey conducted to determine the location and condition of the asbestos. Asbestos was used in building materials due to the properties asbestos provided. Unfortunately, it was discovered that exposure to asbestos had life threatening consequences.

Once you have has an asbestos survey completed in Liverpool, asbestos awareness is a part of your maintenance plan. While asbestos itself is not considered harmful, it is when it is disturbed and damaged that it poses a danger. The damaged asbestos releases fibres, and when these are inhaled, they become embedded in the lining of the lungs, and can result in diseases for which there is no cure including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. An asbestos survey will determine where any asbestos-containing materials are located in the building, and what condition they are in. As the property owner, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that any of your maintenance staff, as well as others are suitably trained in procedures for dealing with asbestos-containing materials. It is you’re your duty to ensure that your staff know they should stop and seek advice when they come across suspect fibrous materials. We offer a range of asbestos related services, among them, asbestos awareness courses. An asbestos survey can also be provided by our highly trained and experienced team.

Asbestos awareness in Liverpool is one of the first steps in ensuring the safety of the occupants of your building. For more information regarding asbestos awareness, do not hesitate to contact Asbestos Associated. We are committed to providing a top quality service to ensure the health and safety of all our clients. Forearmed is indeed forewarned – let our skilled team assist with asbestos awareness training.