Asbestos Testing in Leeds

Asbestos Testing in LeedsAsbestos testing in Leeds is essential to ensure your building is safe for occupation. If you are concerned about the possible presence of asbestos containing materials in your building, speak to Asbestos Associated. We are an asbestos removal company, and have provided asbestos related services to all our clients to ensure their safety. Asbestos in itself is harmless. It is a naturally occurring substance in nature. It was mixed with building materials and used as a wonder material because of its excellent properties. It is when it is disturbed that its fibres become airborne and should these be inhaled, that it is lethal.

For all older buildings in Leeds, asbestos testing is required. This is particularly necessary before any planned renovations or demolition is due to take place. We can provide a site survey to determine the location of the asbestos and asbestos containing materials. If it is found that there is a substantial amount of asbestos present, we will remove a section of it for testing. This will determine the condition of the asbestos and whether it is necessary to have it removed.  We are happy to provide a complete HSE licensed asbestos removal service, as well as general advice, management surveys, pre demolition/refurbishment surveys and sample analysis.

The asbestos testing in Leeds that we do is carried out by our extensively trained and skilled team. We follow a detailed and structured plan, and we  ensure all asbestos testing is done within safety and quality control requirements. This ensures that asbestos is removed, managed and repaired correctly, and safely. Should you need assistance and require asbestos testing, contact Asbestos Associated today. We are pleased to offer a value for money service. Every member of our team is 100% dedicated to his work, and each member of our team is 100% committed to safety, to himself and to others, and 100% committed to professionalism. All the work we do is done in accordance with Health and Safety and industry standards. Trust the experts for 100% professional asbestos testing.