Asbestos Garage Removal in Burnley

Asbestos Garage Removal in BurnleyOut with the old and in with new sometimes involves asbestos garage removal in Burnley. The old garages left on private property and large garages used for decades by mechanics and car dealers are still standing.  When used to store valuable automobiles, these old garages were great because they were practically burn proof. The roof shingles contain asbestos, the concrete floor is mixed with asbestos, if there is any insulation it is made from asbestos and the siding is too. The garage door is manufactured with insulating and fire resistant asbestos. It’s everywhere in the structure but likely well contained if the building hasn’t fallen into disrepair. These garages may still be in use and as long as they are well maintained they pose no health threat.

The problem arises when owners want the old garages torn down. It’s not a simple demo for Burnley asbestos garage removal. Imagine a bulldozer flattening the garage sending billions of invisible asbestos fibres into the environment. Think too about the labourers working the bull dozed site to load up and dispose of the debris from the tear down. Off it goes contaminating local landfills for generations to come. Exposure to asbestos does not make itself immediately known. It takes years but when it happens, the long slow awareness is often lethal in the end.Be thankful we humans discovered the danger in this seemingly miraculous building product. Now we have guidelines set in place for the extraction and destruction of asbestos in old garages.

We have the qualifications and certifications for asbestos garage removal in Burnley. We follow the guidelines for removing the asbestos, dismantling the building, securing the asbestos in a specialised landfill and clearing the site. We then conduct air, water and soil tests to insure the zone is asbestos free and ready for a new building or safely used as open space. If you have a garage tear-down in your future, contact Asbestos Associated for a construction survey of the building and premises. Maybe you’ll be lucky and we won’t find asbestos on site. If not, we can safely handle the job of removal, disposal and clean up you need. You will receive certification the site is free of deadly asbestos.