Asbestos Survey in Crewe

Asbestos Survey in CreweArrange for a top-quality asbestos survey in Crewe from the specialists. At Asbestos Associated, we also specialise in asbestos removal, demolition, site clearance and waste disposal. We have many years of experience in providing customers with excellent services at affordable rates, tailored to their needs, preferences and budget. We believe that it’s essential to ensure that the environment remains safe and healthy for people to live and work in. It’s only when our surroundings are secure that we can exist disease-free. Today, there is great awareness of the hazards of exposure to asbestos and asbestos-containing materials. However, this was not there in earlier times. Asbestos has been in use for centuries, as a building material, insulation, fire-retardant and multipurpose construction material for interiors and exteriors. It was incorporated in concrete, flooring tiles, and paints. False-ceilings and partitions were conveniently installed by using asbestos panels. It was also used in water-tanks, cisterns and pipes.

If you live in an older building in Crewe, asbestos survey services should be used. Most of these buildings, both commercial and residential, had a large component of asbestos-containing materials in some form or other on their premises. A survey helps to identify the presence, location, quantity and condition of asbestos in your property. Our experienced, qualified, trained and knowledgeable surveyors can complete the survey. Once complete, we provide a comprehensive report, detailing all aspects of asbestos found on your property. This helps you with maintaining an asbestos register and also manage the asbestos in the safest possible way.

Apart from the health and safety issues, today, an asbestos survey in Crewe is essential from a legal point of view. Compliance with all asbestos regulations is important, otherwise property owners face strict penalties and punishment. Contact us for more information if you feel you need an asbestos survey. In recent times, the enormous risk to life by breathing in asbestos fibres has come to light. When left undisturbed, asbestos doesn’t usually cause any harm. But with aging, wear and tear, or damage during renovations, the fibres get released into the atmosphere and enter the lungs. This results in various conditions like lung-cancer, mesothelioma, allergies, and respiratory problems.