Asbestos Management in Wrexham

Asbestos Management in WrexhamYou may wonder how asbestos management in Wrexham is even possible.  After all, it’s a deadly substance when inhaled into our lungs. It would seem the only way to manage it is to get rid of it. Ridding a building of asbestos is, in fact, one way to manage asbestos but it’s not the only way. If we at Asbestos Associated survey your property and find asbestos has been used as an insulator around pipes the best thing to do may be nothing except check it from time to time for damaging deterioration. As long as the asbestos material is intact or sealed so no loose fibres escape into the environment then it’s safe to leave it alone. The material is still doing the job intended without harm.

For property owners in Wrexham, asbestos management is essential. We may look through your building and find asbestos in the concrete flooring, the wall paint, the roof shingles and wall insulation. Your building is full of asbestos but it’s still safe as long as the asbestos-containing materials are not damaged. If you decide you want to demolish the building, then the only way to manage the asbestos is contain and remove it before demolition. It’s the only way to take the building down without contaminating the environment with a deadly carcinogen. Public buildings are required to have a survey conducted to determine the presence and condition of asbestos. Our company, Asbestos Associated conducts the surveys and records our findings.

We present our asbestos management in Wrexham findings to the building owners along with any recommendations for the management of asbestos. All buildings should have a designated person, either the owner or manager, to review the survey and follow up on our recommendations. Contact Asbestos Associated for a survey and management plan for asbestos in your building. It’s one of our many services. We are also certified to carry out the removal and disposal of harmful asbestos to create a safe environment. We can also undertake the training for recognising asbestos and procedures to follow if uncontained asbestos is found. Asbestos is manageable as long as it’s undisturbed.